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Prop S Construction Update

Revised cost projections for the Francis Howell North project were presented to the Board by SM Wilson, the District's construction manager. Due to an unprecedented increase in material and labor costs, construction of the new Francis Howell North project will require $164.7M. This is considerably higher than the original project budget of $83.5M estimated in 2018 as part of the Prop S planning. The Board and Administration, with input from the Facilities Committee and members of the community, must now consider the ramifications of this revised cost projection and determine how to move forward in the most fiscally responsible way.
The Board will hold a special work session at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 7 to consider options for the Francis Howell North project and ask additional questions of Administration and SM Wilson.
The Board invites FHSD staff, students and residents to come together as we grapple with this unfortunate news and determine how to move forward with North and the additional Prop S projects that may be impacted.
Special Board meetings and work sessions do not typically include patron comments, but given the magnitude of this decision, the Board will designate a 30-minute period for patron comments during the Dec. 7 meeting; patron comments must be related to Prop S and the Francis Howell North construction project. Additionally, patrons are encouraged to email Board members with questions, concerns and comments prior to the work session so that all voices can be heard.
No votes or Board action regarding the Francis Howell North project will take place until the regularly scheduled Board meeting on Dec. 16.
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