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Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan

The FHSD Board of Education commissioned the development of a Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan (CFMP) as a proactive approach to assessing the capital needs of the different campuses and facilities located across the District. The CFMP identified $300 million of capital improvements necessary to be made over the course of the next 20+ years.

To develop the CFMP, the District’s architectural firm, Hoener Associations, utilized a three-part process:

  • Documentation of all existing buildings, campuses, and support facilities throughout the District.
  • Evaluation of each existing building/campus’s Life Cycle Replacement Program, existing conditions, and projected student enrollment.
  • Development of suggestions and prioritization for potential renovation, expansion, or re-purposing of various campuses.

The Facilities Committee, made up of community members, facilities personnel, building administrators, and Board members, studied the CFMP and identified priority areas in the CFMP from which were created the initial phases of a multi-year plan to address the District’s facility issues.

The CFMP provides a framework for improvements to existing and potentially new buildings in the District, in order to ensure quality learning facilities that benefit students, staff, and the community and meet the needs of 21st Century teaching and learning. The CFMP is a working document for the District, and it should be noted that the overall process will remain fluid as District needs change, technology advances, and teaching practices evolve. The entire plan is available on the District website.

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